Carp Fishing LakeOur Carp Fishing Lake is the truly beautiful Lagune Lassi which lies in the lovely Champagne region of France, just 4 hours drive from the port of Calais.  This 6 acre, family run carp fishing lake is managed by a highly respected carp angler, nestling in a quiet, rural setting, where it is not unusual to hear only the sound of a distant tractor, whilst relaxing behind a set of carp rods.

Lagune Lassi is not a runs water but is a carp fishing lake, where the serious angler is well rewarded with the possibility of catching from a stock of sturgeon, carp up to 56lb and catfish up to approx 108lb. The carp are mainly deep-bodied mirrors with high shoulders, huge mouths and big fins! There is also a sprinkling of commons of similar shape. Stock levels are reasonably high ensuring relatively easy-fishing.

Carp Fishing Lake photograph

The lake has no crayfish or poisson chat. The water is usually slightly coloured and the depth averages 12′ 00” in early season dropping to about 10′ 00” in late summer. The lake bed is firm, sandy gravel, with a few interesting features. There are one or two small weed beds present but these cause no problem to the angler.

Lagune Lassi is a 6-acre gravel pit with tree lined banks and is suitable for up to 5 anglers. Six swims have been created. Two of these are double swims that are easily accessible, offering the opportunity for anglers to fish together. Only 1 is suitable for disabled access, which is the Lodge swim.  The other four are single swims, which are more suited to anglers that may require some solitude, where they can apply their own individual tactics. Access to these swims requires more effort, barrows are provided for your convenience.  2 of the single swims (Poplars & Bar) are only suitable for single bivvy’s.

Carp Fishing Lake in France

All swims are constructed of coarse gravel and therefore the use of a large unhooking mat is essential and great care must be taken whilst handling fish. No specialised equipment is required; your standard English tackle will be adequate, although a rod pod may be useful in some swims.

The depths vary from 4′ to 11′ in early spring dropping approx 18 inches by late summer. There is a bar that rises up to within 3′ of the surface with depths of up to 7′ around it. Although weed has been controlled regularly some has been retained to offer a habitat for natural food and as a feature to fish to.

Our carp fishing lake is stocked with carp to at least 66 lb may be bigger. There are also a very good head of catfish. Lake record is 108 lbs.

Carp Fishing Lake in France

Lagune Lassi is fully enclosed by a fence and has lockable-gated access to a car parking area, making the fishery very secure. Adjacent to one of the Double swims there is a timber lodge for your use. The lodge has bunk beds, table and chairs, fridge and freezer, worktops etc. Unfortunately there is currently no disabled access to the lodge.  As Lagune Lassi is in a rural environment, there is no electrical supply. There is however a generator on site to supply electrical power(petrol is your supply) for the fridge, freezer and charging batteries etc. Outside, the lodge is brick baroque with seating and patio area.

Lake Tariff 2018 (7 night stay):
2 x Anglers – £790.00 : 4 x Anglers – £1100.00
3 x Anglers – £860.00 : 5 x Anglers – £1250.00