1. Maximum of three rods per person. Rods must be fished from the same swim and not spread along the bank.
  2. All particle baits (beans and seeds) must be fully cooked before use, ‘soaked only’ particles are a danger to the fish and are not permitted.
  3. No litter; any anglers found with litter in their swim whilst fishing, or after they have left, will be banned from the fishery. All rubbish should be removed from the site ie. please take it home with you.
  4. All baits to be reeled in when temporarily leaving the lake.
  5. No non-fishing guest unless agreed with the management beforehand.
  6. Only single hooks (NO DOUBLES OR TREBLES) are to be used for catfish.
  7. ROWING BOATS ARE NOT PERMITTED (as it is possible to cast to all parts of the lake). Radio controlled boats are permitted but these must not be sent over to other angler’s areas.
  8. Please challenge any anglers that you suspect should not be on site.All anglers should be in possession of a booking confirmations, a catch report form etc.
  9. Abuse of alcohol is forbidden (please remain sober at all times).
  10. All carp caught must be photographed on each side and the pictures with details of weights, sent to Lagune Lassi within 4 weeks of trip.
  11. All gates to be closed and properly locked at all times.
  12. Anglers must show the maximum possible respect to other anglers by being polite and courteous at all times.
  13. Only landing nets and mats supplied by US are allowed at the fishery.
  14. All anglers to exercise the greatest care of fish; use unhooking mats, only use sacks which have a good water exchange, no retaining fish for more than three daylight hours. Do not sack fish in less than 4 feet of water. Avoid sacking fish that are in spawning condition. CATFISH ARE NOT TO BE RETAINED IN SACKS OR TUNNELS DAY OR NIGHT.
  15. Removal or introduction of fish strictly prohibited.
  16. The owners or any private guests of theirs, reserve the right to fish at any time, except in the instance of whole lake bookings.
  17. Fires are absolutely prohibited. No open barbecues.